Direct Sales & Network Marketing Toolbox


Simplify the process of building your business with powerful strategies to get people to say “yes” to you.

Direct sales and network marketing is an incredible opportunity to build financial security for you and your family. Yet it can be challenging if you donʼt have the proper tools and skills to sell your opportunity to others.

This 2-disc audio set teaches you cutting-edge strategies to:

  • Share your opportunity with them effectively
  • Overcome any objections they may have and get them to say “yes” to you!

Build your team and increase your sales with powerful strategies that work.



What To Say When
The perfect responses to annoying questions, comments and rejections. How many time have you been in the middle of a conversation and go caught off guard by a question, a statement or a comment? Can you remember that awful, awkward feeling you have as you scramble for something intelligent to say that will turn the conversation back around? You don’t have to have that sinking feeling anymore.

Prospecting For Profit
Learn how to meet the best prospects and make the most profit. You prospect to build a list of qualified people that may buy from you. That’s the basic concept…with the key word being QUALIFIED. You can’t begin the selling process until you’re working with a qualified buyer. Which brings you back to the big question…how to meet the right people to generate the sales you desire.